Remixing street signs

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“To combine or edit existing materials
to produce something new.”

For the past 4 weeks we’ve been working with Remix and Culture jamming in order to create something new out of something existing.

My group chose to remix street signs and conduct a small social experiment, you can see the result below.

Our idea was to explore and challenge the authority of characters and symbols in public spaces. Our goal was to make people stop and think critically about the various impressions we are bombarded with, and not just blindly accept authoritarian looking messages as the truth.

Charline og flyvende afføring - edit + kant

The sign says “Beware! Flying feces”

The best remixes are often the simplest, so we chose to alter an existing street sign with our own print and message, and put them up in various weird places in public, to see peoples reactions.

Skilte transformation - kant
The reactions were very different, some laughed, some looked around cautiously, and a lot passed by, not noticing it what so ever. Also, when we set out to put up the signs life happened, and we had to scrap the ‘No asians allowed sign’ as it came off very racist and blurred our overall message.

Liza med kineser skillt - edit + kant

The signs we created were very realistic. Would you obey this sign?

This is definitely not the last time I’m using street signs in my work.


Painting with moss

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As part of a business plan project my friends Mark and Kasper and I had the pleasure of playing around with moss paint.

Moss paint – the recipe

  • Moss
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Potato flour

Basically, you blend that stuff like there was no tomorrow = Moss paint.
You paint it on a wall and moist weekly and moss grows out in that pattern, I’m not kidding!


Our idea was to commercialize this ‘moss graffiti’, and market it off as a sustainable and cool addition to the existing urban streetart movement.

Since it’s meant to be used as green graffiti, we used guerilla marketing to promote the product, and we made Kate Moss out of moss.


Some would say this is the ultimate mossification.

It’s done with permission next to the cultural center of Valby, apparently, it’s made quite an impression on people, we get tons of comments on it from people passing by when we water her.

Promoting E-design

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E-design is a creative education packed with innovation, design thinking and problem solving, but is not that well known – yet.

To spread awareness of our education to future workplaces and partners, we spent the past 4 weeks planning and executing a concept to promote the education.


We had the creative freedom to come up with the whole concept ourselves, including target group(s), branding strategies, visual identity and so forth. We split up into 5 expert areas; I was one of the people responsible for coordinating the whole thing, pulling the strings and bringing the different groups together.

After a lot of talking and various ideas we ended up producing a film, to visualize the different aspects of the education, along with the different skills that you possess  as an E-designer. I was the main contact for the film making crew, tying the knots together and making sure all dialogue and deadlines went smoothly.

Different approaches were discussed, and we finally went with this storyboard that was the main inspiration for the whole video.buigui

This was the initial storyboard sketch of the different scenes in the film, pretty close to the end result too,

The last 2 weeks were really intense, the stage set group had very little time to make the props necessary, yet they still managed to pull it all together in time. The film crew worked day and night, literally speaking, to make it to the deadline.
After 4 exhausting and exciting weeks we can now reap the fruits of our labor. Enjoy.

3000 meters of pink cord – 100 companys – 70 E-design students – 4 weeks – 2 cameras – 1 wish

The film is put on a USB device and mailed out to the different companys, in these badass envelopes with our graphic design all over it, looks pretty sweet.

Photos courtesy of Rasmus Arentsen and Tina Bonne Kristiansen

The ‘moving-out-of-home’ rescue kit

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Design a rescue kit that solves a certain problem for a specific target group.


Introducing the IKEA ‘moving-out-of-home’ rescue kit for younger people moving out of their parents house.


Getting started: The idea

For this project, which was also my exam project, my group decided on creating a physical product if possible, to really get down and dirty with the design elements. We also wanted to solve a problem we had experienced ourselves and could relate to.

So what problem do all young people eventually face?

Eventually, they all move out of home. And this can be quite frustrating and confusing. To make this process as smooth and easy as possible, we designed a kit that explains the different phases of packing and moving step-by-step, and contains all the information you’ll need to get going.

The rescue kit

Being innovative with Christmas decorations

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3 weeks.

Create an innovative product or concept. 

Make $$$ from it.


^ That’s what they told us at school. And off we went, running around like headless chickens, trying to come up with the most BRILLIANT,  new  idea, we could make a profit from. Coming up with the new ‘it’ thing is obviously not that easy.

After a week, and a brainstorm including such things as; banana t-shirts, ‘stuff’ involving jellyfish and a hot air balloon; my group and I ended up with the idea to make an alternative Christmas decorations workshop for charity.


My trusty co-leader Pernille, preparing for the workshop


The workshop

The initial idea was to make an open workshop, where people could come and make Christmas decorations out of unconventional materials, and recycled materials, and have a good time. Along the way, it ended up turning into a workshop where you donate your time and finished decorations to the workshop; afterwards, the decorations can be bought, and the buyer decides how much it’s worth.

In the spirit of christmas and those who can’t afford to celebrate it, we decided to cooperate with a charity organization called Folkekirkens nødhjælp which had a non-profit Café, where we could organize our workshop. This way, all of the proceedings would go to charity.


People embraced the odd materials, as seen with the decorations base made out of mountain dew cans 


We had a good time, and the people who actually showed up seemed to enjoy themselves as well. Lots of beautiful yet odd decorations were made during the course of the weekend, and we got to try working with materials such as: cork, bottle caps, mountain dew cans and newspaper.

All of our materials were either recycled, collected in the woods, or sponsored by our business partners: Egmont, Politiken and Silvan.


Group members: 



Smoke bomb painting

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Every now and then, school is pretty sweet.

Today was one of those days.

We had an innovation workshop about smoke bomb painting with artist Christian Elovara Dinesen.


The idea is to ignite these pigment packed smoke bombs and then swirl them around on some paper like there was no tomorrow.

This technique has a certain apocalyptic feel to it, if you ask me.

I seriously need to get my hands on some of these.



All photos courtesy of Rasmus Arentsen.

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